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Leah loves to collaborate with independent artists, small labels, and large brands.  If you are interested in a collaboration we would love to hear from you. Her previous collaborations include work with West Elm, Link Collective, Solly Baby, Schoolhouse Electric, Target, Teva, The Body Shop, Hallmark Signature, The Tie Bar, Gallison, O'Neill, and Love Beauty Planet to name a few.

above recent collaborations: leah duncan x the tie bar, leah duncan X nuwallpaper, branding for musician Lena Marie Schiffer, leah duncan x west elm international women's day exclusive, leah duncan x link collective, leah duncan x love beauty planet in the NY Times, leah duncan x west elm local, thank you box princeton architectural press, leah duncan X solly baby, piccolina kids collection, target wall art, leah duncan x senshukai curtains, the body shop in store murals, leah duncan x senshukai rug, wildabon quilt pattern with carolyn friedlander, leah duncan x hallmark signature, wallpaper for chenault james, meadowfield collection for galison, leah duncan for teva, scarves and journal for noonday collection, schoolhouse electric bedding, link collective furoshikis, leah duncan + halfmoon atelier, leah duncan + zuca, leah duncan + ash hilton.

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